Prep Your Garage for Winter Weather

Posted by Polar Shades on Oct 17, 2018 10:38:42 AM

The change in seasons is right around the corner, which makes now the perfect time to start thinking about winterizing your home. Taking some time now to get your garage organized and prepared will give you peace of mind all winter long. These four tips will simplify the chore:

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Topics: Home Maintenance

How to Care for Your Windows and Doors

Posted by Polar Shades on Jul 23, 2018 9:14:05 AM

No matter what material your doors and windows are made of, proper care is key to maintain functionality and aesthetic. However, doors and windows require specific cleaning. Here are some things to keep in mind:

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Topics: window treatment, Home Maintenance

Simple Steps to a Spotless Grill

Posted by Polar Shades on Jul 13, 2018 9:15:57 AM

It’s time to clean your grill! Vegetables slip through the grates, marinades and sauces splatter and grease from burgers and steaks forms mounds on the grates. Whether you fire up your grill once a week or once a day, it probably needs a good cleaning at least once every few months – as long as you spot-clean it after every use. Getting started is the toughest part, so here are some tips to help:

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Topics: Tips, Home Tips, Home Maintenance, Home

How to De-Clutter Your Garage Once and for All

Posted by Polar Shades on Jul 9, 2018 1:17:00 PM

Separated from the main living areas, many of us rarely venture into our garages for more than a few minutes a day. Maybe your garage is used only to house your vehicles, or exists as a dumping ground for holiday lights, tools, sports equipment, and other miscellaneous hardware. Whatever the case, because the garage is a low-traffic area, it frequently becomes a magnet for excess and clutter. So, how do you de-clutter and organize it for good?

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Topics: Home, Home Maintenance, Home Tips

Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Posted by Polar Shades on Jul 2, 2018 3:32:32 PM

Las Vegas enjoys nearly 300 days of sunshine a year. This means homeowners need to perform annual home maintenance to ensure they are ready for the summer season. From setting up drip-dry spots for pool towels to freshening up your exterior décor, here are 10 quick tips for getting your home ready for a fun and fabulous summer:

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Topics: Summer, Home Maintenance, Home Tips

You Can't Organize Until You Clear the Clutter

Posted by Polar Shades on Jun 11, 2018 3:35:19 PM

You've finally figured out why you cannot get organized. It's not that you don't want to; in fact, you have lots of ideas for organizing your home. But there is one obstacle in your way and it defeats your best intentions every time – it's clutter. You may have grown so accustomed to living with clutter that you push it aside, working around it and stepping over it, day after day.

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Topics: bedroom, Home Maintenance, Miscellaneous, Tips, Home Tips

Upgrade Your Interior Design With These Expert Tips

Posted by Polar Shades on May 22, 2018 11:16:21 AM

Most interior designers have a lengthy education and experience that makes them experts at choosing just the right look for a variety of spaces. Here are tips from a few to help you decorate your space like a pro:

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Topics: Interior Design, Home, Home Maintenance, Home Decorating

Keep Clutter at Bay With These Genius Hacks

Posted by Polar Shades on May 11, 2018 10:35:58 AM

It's been said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is especially true when it comes to keeping clutter at bay, which is often easier said than done. Most people only start looking for de-cluttering solutions once things have gotten entirely out of hand. It doesn't have to be like that. If you are moving into a new home or simply looking for ways to better organize your home, take a look at these six simple strategies for preventing clutter:

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Topics: Home Maintenance, Home

Choosing the Right LED Lightbulbs for Your Space

Posted by Polar Shades on Mar 21, 2018 10:05:45 AM

They last 25 times longer than traditional bulbs, they contain absolutely no mercury, and each year, they save homeowners impressive amounts of money in annual energy costs. They are LED light bulbs – and if you're the type of person who appreciates cost savings, you're probably going to want to start using them.

That said, not all LED light bulbs are created equal. Some are warm-toned and some are cool-toned. Then there are those that are best described as neutral. LED light bulbs tend to mimic sunlight, so understanding color temperature is important. Color temperature refers to how "warm" (amber-colored) or "cool" (blue-colored) the light appears. This is similar to sunlight, which appears very cool during midday but warm at sunset. 

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Topics: Home Maintenance, Home

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Posted by Polar Shades on Feb 26, 2018 1:58:05 PM

Spring is the perfect time to start checking off those home maintenance tasks you’ve been putting off. It’s important to make sure your home is in pristine condition for the upcoming summer months. Here are some important elements of your home to inspect and update this spring:

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Topics: Home Maintenance

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