Stay Cool This Summer With Interior and Exterior Window Shades

Posted by Polar Shades on Jul 12, 2019 11:30:00 AM

During the summer months, it can be a struggle to keep your home cool without racking up large energy bills. But with interior and exterior window shades, you can reduce the heat in and around your home, which means your HVAC unit doesn’t have to work as hard to keep you cool. Not only does this reduce your energy costs, it also allows for increased privacy, greater enjoyment of outdoor spaces in all types of weather and fewer UV rays.

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Save Money This Summer with Interior Window Shades

Posted by Polar Shades on May 1, 2019 2:42:51 PM

With summertime highs in Las Vegas at over 100 degrees, homeowners are always looking for ways to stay cool and comfortable. While air conditioning is a necessity, running it around the clock can cause your energy bill to skyrocket. Interior window shades can help!

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Features and Benefits You Can Expect from Our Automated Window Shades

Posted by Polar Shades on Nov 26, 2018 1:56:00 PM

Home automation is increasingly popular with homeowners who want to create a space they can easily adapt to their changing needs. With automated window shades, you ensure all of your window coverings are simple and safe to adjust. Here are a just a few of the great features of our automated shades:

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Creating the Perfect Multi-Media Room in Four Steps

Posted by Polar Shades on Sep 19, 2018 9:34:30 AM

Creating a high-performance multi-media space in your home adds value and makes family movie night even more exciting. Here are four ways to get started:

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Beat the Summer Heat With Exterior Shades

Posted by Polar Shades on Jun 8, 2018 2:27:08 PM

Summer is the time of year when we want to use our patios the most. However, Las Vegas sees about 300 days of sun each year. During June through August, temperatures rise to 100+ degrees. In order to beat the summer heat and be able to enjoy your outdoor space, install exterior shades. There are a variety of shades to choose from that will keep the sun out, reduce the temperature and eliminate glare and UV rays.

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Design Hacks to Maximize Your Kitchen Space

Posted by Polar Shades on Feb 9, 2018 2:21:09 PM

Whether you're cooking for one or baking for a crowd, having an organized kitchen makes things easier. Both large design changes and small decorative additions can make your kitchen feel large, organized and efficient. Here are some tips you can easily incorporate into your kitchen design:

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Topics: Interior Shades, Home, Organization

The Unexpected Benefits of Motorized Shades

Posted by Polar Shades on Aug 19, 2016 12:00:00 PM

Motorized shades bring many benefits to your home when it comes to both looks and usability. You may already know some of the great benefits Polar Shades’ motorized shades can bring to your home but what about those unexpected benefits you may have never thought about?

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Topics: Electronics and Automation, Interior Shades

Why Interior Shades are Great for High Rises

Posted by Polar Shades on Aug 17, 2016 11:00:18 AM

When you go on vacation and stay at a hotel, you may request a room with a view. But when you live in a high rise, you can feel like you're on vacation every day – as long as you make the most of the view with interior shades.

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Topics: Interior Shades

How To Clean Your Outdoor Windows

Posted by Polar Shades on May 27, 2016 1:30:00 PM

It's a moment you've been looking forward to with great anticipation: you have new motorized shades on your windows. To prepare for their arrival, you cleaned your indoor windows thoroughly so the entire effect would be picture perfect.

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Switching Your Business to Window Shades

Posted by Polar Shades on May 20, 2016 1:00:00 PM

If you haven’t given much thought to the window treatments in your business, now is the time to think again. This seemingly small choice can actually have large impacts on your company in many ways. Here are three of the reasons you should consider switching your business to window shades rather than using window blinds or tints.

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