How to Incorporate Wall Lights Into Your Living Room Design

Posted by Polar Shades on Apr 13, 2018 10:30:00 AM

Lighting can dramatically change the mood of any room. Adding multiple light sources in a room creates depth and allows for multiple focal points throughout the space. Here are some helpful tips for integrating wall lights in your living room design:

Tips for Adding Wall Lights to Your Living Room

Add Wall Lights to Your Space

Highlight One Specific Spot
A single wall light can create a spotlight effect. Use one above a seating area to provide light for reading. In addition to lighting a regularly used area, wall lights can also be valuable for illuminating dark corners and making your living room feel warmer and more comfortable.

Turn Your Room Into a Gallery
Do you have artwork or wall decor you'd like to highlight? Wall lights are the perfect solution. A track with several small lights makes it easy to highlight your favorite pieces. When you're ready to rearrange or add new pieces, track lighting makes it easy to move lights around the wall, changing which areas you'll showcase.

Create a Welcoming, Cozy Space
While overhead lights are great for flooding a room with light, they don't often give the same warm and welcoming feeling of smaller lights, which bring more focused light to concentrated spaces instead of the entire room. Add soft wall lights to bring a cozy feeling to your room.

Position Them to Flow Seamlessly with Your Design
There are plenty of styles of wall lights to choose from, so finding one that matches your personal style preference shouldn’t be hard. You'll find a wide variety of lights with a vintage sconce look, slim and simple designs for minimalist decor, and mixed material lights that will mesh well with more eclectic styles.

Lamps and lighting fixtures are a great way to add light to concentrated areas and set the atmosphere in your room. To learn more about the various types of lighting and how to achieve the correct combination of natural and ambient lighting for your space, check out:


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