6 Smart Hacks for Keeping Your Pantry Organized

Posted by Polar Shades on Mar 6, 2020 4:30:00 PM
Organize Your Pantry with These Tips

Even if you're typically very organized, the pantry is one of those spaces that can easily turn into a chaotic mess. However, a few simple hacks will make it incredibly easy to organize your pantry, so you never have to waste your time digging through it again. Here are six of our favorites: 

1. Take the Time to Purge
If you're like most people, you have at least a few things in your pantry that are expired or that you no longer need. Clean this stuff out and you'll instantly have more room. This also makes it easier to organize the items you decide to keep. 

2. Use Your Vertical Space 
Maximize the storage space in your pantry by going upward. There's no reason not to make use of your wall space. Just pick up a small, collapsible step ladder and use the top area for items you use less frequently. 

3. Add Some Sliders 
Installing a slide-out system to your pantry is one of the best ways to keep things organized. Choose a combination of drawers, racks and baskets. Woven baskets are great for storing snacks and other loose items. Add some see-through wire baskets for produce like potatoes and bananas. 

4. Optimize Your Shelving 
Consider installing some adjustable shelving in your pantry. This will give you more storage flexibility so you can make sure everything fits perfectly. You can also use shelf separators to help organize items by category. When you keep the same types of items together in a specific area, you'll cut down on a lot of searching. 

5. Add Some Stackable Containers 
It's hard to beat clear, plastic, stackable containers for storing your dry goods. This is perfect for things like sugar, flour, spices, and more. Not only is it great for organization, but these sealed containers will keep your items from going stale and keep bugs out.  

Use flat, shallow, plastic containers for things like rice, bread crumbs, nuts, and grains. You can often stack these on top of each other on a single shelf. Add some decorative labels to help you quickly know what's in each container and to give your pantry a stylish look. 

6. Store Items on the Door 
Depending on the style of your pantry door, you may be able to add some hooks for additional storage. This is great for items that don't take up a lot of room, like dish towels, oven mitts, and aprons. 

You may also be able to add a stylish shower organizer (or a few) to the inside of the door. This is excellent for storing small items like spices, sponges or even some types of produce (like onions and bell peppers). Another option is to use a door rack for storing the lids to your pots and pans. No more digging through cabinets when you're trying to cook! 

These tips will help you organize your pantry with ease – and keep it organized. Looking for even more kitchen inspiration? Check out these great tips from our design experts:

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