5 Essential Features to Include in Your Family Bathroom

Posted by Polar Shades on Jun 26, 2019 4:11:31 PM

The bathroom is an important part of any home, and when it’s a shared area, it needs to have a clever design that maximizes space and function while still being stylish. Fulfilling all these requirements will involve careful planning in advance. Here are a few essential features to focus on when planning your bathroom design:

Include These Elements for a Functional Family Bathroom

  1. Double-basin Sinks for Large Families 

If the space is shared with more than a couple people, consider installing double-basin sinks – each with its own faucet – to help maximize functionality during the busy morning rush. Make sure the surrounding sink surface is large enough to provide space for toiletries such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shavers, etc. Vessel bathroom sinks are easier to maintain because the bowl is raised from the rest of the sink area. This means that less water will splash around after every use. You may also consider installing a separate under-mounted sink for young kids.  

  1. Extra Storage Space for Bathroom Supplies

Family bathrooms easily accumulate lots of clutter. Consider installing extra storage space for everyone’s toiletries, medication and supplies. 

For example, floating cabinets are perfect for bathroom items that should be kept out of reach of children. Cabinets underneath the sink can be used for toys, towels and other supplies that don’t cause a risk to children. If you’re limited on cabinet space, wall-mounted shelves are a great solution. 

  1. Single-handle Faucets 

As opposed to having a separate handle for hot and cold water, consider installing single-handle faucets. This design is more efficient, easier to maintain and safer for kids. Single handles also look elegant and are a smart way of adding a luxurious look to your family bathroom. And when it comes to diagnosing and repairing leaks, a single handle design makes things much easier for you and your plumber. 

  1. Sufficient Lighting

A bathroom with larger windows allows more light in and makes the room feel more open. Window shades allow you to let the light in when you want it, while still preserving your privacy. They also keep out glare and UV rays, to prevent damage to your furnishings. Your bathroom lighting should also contain dimmer switches that allow people to more precisely control the lighting.

  1. Durable Material for the Floors and Walls 

Because family bathrooms undergo heavy use, you should select durable materials for both your floors and walls. Large porcelain tiles are a cost-effective option because they’re waterproof and can be easily cleaned. They also contain fewer openings for water to trickle through. Make sure all walls (and subfloor layers) are waterproofed before your new floor is installed. 

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