4 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Cozier

Posted by Polar Shades on Dec 19, 2018 11:36:22 AM

Want to transform your bathroom into a stylish space? Here are five suggestions that will help add warmth and make it more inviting:


Wood offers a natural warmth and texture. Wooden vanity cupboards, shelving, baskets, and other accent pieces are perfect ways to tie in this element. Although it is uncommon to see wooden flooring in a bathroom due to the moisture that tends to accumulate there, you could use a laminate that resembles wood to add the same visual appeal.

Add Warmth and Color to Your Bathroom with These Design Tips


Minimalist color palettes are common, especially in bathrooms, which lend themselves well to neutrals such as white, grey and beige. Prevent your bathroom from feeling too sterile by adding color. Warm colors such as reds and oranges compliment earthy tones and bring more energy to a space, while cooler colors such as blues promote relaxation.


If you want your bathroom to feel soft and luxurious, consider hanging curtains. This is a great way to add color and coziness to any space. You can choose curtains that match your accent colors for a seamless design.

Just the Right Touch

Whether you're sprucing up your existing space or giving your bathroom a complete makeover, remember to choose design elements that go well with one another and your home as a whole. Your bathroom should be a continuation of your personal style and flow well with the rest of your home’s decor.

For more bathroom design tips, read here:

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