Unconventional Area Rug Placement for Added Visual Appeal

Posted by Polar Shades on Mar 4, 2019 9:54:36 AM

When it comes to decorating your home, the most important rule is that there are no rules. This is especially true when it comes to area rugs. Instead of sticking to expert guidelines for sizing and placement, bending the rules can add dynamics and visual interest. Here are a few examples of how taking an unconventional approach can really pay off:

Think Outside the Box with These Area Rug Placement Tips

1.  Furniture Placement

Traditional standards say that area rugs should be large enough to slide under the front legs of your furniture, like chairs and sofas. This ties the room together and gives your space a unified look. 

Instead, try following your instincts. In some cases, it might be better to place all four legs of the furniture on top of the area rug. Other times, like when you're decorating a large room and using a rug with a contrasting color, having some pieces of furniture partially on the rug and some fully on it creates a more interesting look. You might also think about using a small area rug to give the room a pop of color. In this case, you wouldn’t put any furniture on top of it. 

Before you purchase an area rug, make sure you have a vision for what you want to do with the furniture. This will help ensure that the rug you choose compliments your overall design. 

2. Spacing Guidelines

Another common "rule" is that there should be 18 inches of open space around all sides of your area rug. While this works great in larger rooms that are separated from the other areas in your house, it’s not always the best for small rooms. 

If you’re dealing with a smaller space, it often makes more sense to reduce the open area from the standard 18 inches to about 8 inches. This still allows you to follow traditional guidelines but gives you more flexibility with the space. If you have the right type of carpet and furniture, running your rug right up to a few inches from the wall can also add a modern edge. 

3. Bedroom Décor

When placing an area rug in your bedroom, experts recommend choosing one that extends 18 inches around a king or queen bed and 12 inches around smaller beds. However, if you have a large bedroom, consider making a bold statement by choosing one that extends further around the perimeter of your bed. Beware of using an area rug that doesn’t give you at least the standard amount of coverage, however, as this will cause your bed to dominate the space.

Instead of placing a rug under your bed, you might consider using one at the foot of your bed to accentuate the space and add visual interest. If you take this approach, make sure the rug is long enough the extend beyond the width of the bed. This will help make the room more balanced.

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