Survival Tips to Get You Through a Kitchen Remodel

Posted by Polar Shades on Sep 26, 2018 8:38:10 AM

Undergoing a kitchen remodel can be extremely inconvenient. Without access to your kitchen, you’re unable to use your appliances, silverware, plates, etc. Here are the top 10 tips to help you plan ahead and prepare to be temporarily without a kitchen:

4 Tips for Surviving a Kitchen Remodel

Prepare for a Kitchen Remodel with These Tips

1. Plan to eat out part of the time

Crunch the numbers first and try to stick to a dining-out budget. This is one of the easiest solutions to being without a kitchen, as you don’t have to worry about meal prep or clean up.

2. Set up a makeshift kitchen, if you can

Putting a microwave in another room can be quite handy when you’re without a kitchen. So can plugging in a two-burner hot plate and a mini-fridge in a convenient spot.

3. Use your small appliances

Plan to make as many meals as you can with a slow cooker, toaster oven, electric griddle or portable grill. Stow them in a temporary place that will be easy to access when you need them.

4. Fire up the outdoor grill as often as possible

You can make virtually anything on a grill, and clean-up can be a breeze if you use foil packets to prepare your food.

5. Find a temporary place to wash dishes

A utility sink is ideal, but some homeowners have converted a sink in a guest bathroom, or even a bathtub, into a temporary dishwashing station.

By putting these tips into practice, you’ll find your kitchen remodel to be a breeze. For more expert kitchen makeover hacks, check out these blog posts:

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