4 Things You Can Do to Make a Temporary Living Space Feel Like Home

Posted by Polar Shades on Sep 12, 2018 10:16:51 AM

If you plan to reside in a space for a short period of time, it can be difficult to fully let yourself settle in. Here are a few easy ways to make your temporary living space feel more like a home:


1. Incorporate Decor That Reflects Your Style

Many temporary living spaces prohibit or require approval for permanent alterations to the space. Instead of nailing your pictures or artwork to the walls, secure them with wall-friendly museum putty or prop them on tables and other furniture. Another option is to adorn the furniture with chic throw pillows or a cozy blanket. Throw pillows and blankets are a budget-friendly way to instantly change the atmosphere of a room and add a pop of color.

2. Use Your Own Bedding

Many interim spaces come furnished, providing the occupants to get settled in easier. However, instead of sticking with the standard linens and bedding, swap them for your own bedding. Not only will this provide you with a greater sense of comfort, it is a great way to add your own unique style to the room.

3. Add Cozy Scents to Your Space

Perhaps you associate the smell of freshly baked goods with a welcoming atmosphere, or maybe you prefer a seasonal scent that reminds you of your favorite holiday gatherings. A familiar fragrance can bring back pleasant memories. Candles, tart burners, and air fresheners are a few effortless ways to envelop your new space with soothing fragrances.

4. Warm Up Your Abode with Plants or Fresh Flowers

Small, potted plants add instant life to your new home. Line a sunny window sill with a few of your favorite plants or decorate your balcony with planters. If you lack a green thumb, place a bouquet of fresh flowers on your dining table or mantle for a cheerful touch. Choose a vase that reflects your personal style as well. 

For more tips on how to make seamless transition to a new home, and add personal touches to your space, here are some great articles:

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