8 Tips to Prevent Damage During a Move

Posted by Polar Shades on Sep 6, 2017 8:00:00 AM

bigstock-Moving-boxes-and-furniture-in--169360670.jpgMoving has long been considered one of life’s major stressors and it doesn't diminish in intensity with practice.

The potential for incurring damage adds to the anxiety, which is why moving companies urge people to take their time and plan before they pack a single box.

In reality, movers probably have that half right. A successful move – meaning one that doesn't result in any damage – is actually the result of planning and precautions on the part of the moving company and the mover. Prevent damage during your next move by following these eight tips:

Task 1: Measure door openings, stairways, hallways and the length, width and depth of large pieces to eliminate unpleasant surprises – and the temptation to force objects through unforgiving openings at your new home.

Responsible party: The moving company and the homeowner

Task 2: Detach small pieces – furniture legs, handles, lamp parts – and pack them together to prevent damage that can occur when they are jostled in the moving van.

Responsible party: The homeowner (unless you want to pay the moving company to do it for you)

Task 3: Select the right box for each item. Follow a sensible rule of thumb – the heavier the item, the smaller the box.

Responsible party: The homeowner

Task 4: Cover furniture with pads or blankets. It may be tempting to reach for plastic wrapping if you're rushing, but resist that urge. Plastic wrap doesn't provide the same level of protection.

Responsible party: The mover (under the watchful eye of the homeowner)

Task 5: Place corner protectors on mirrors and picture frames. Once secure, place the item in a mirror or frame box and fill the empty space with paper.

Responsible party: The homeowner, perhaps with an assist from the moving company

Task 6: Protect floors, carpet, stairs and other high-traffic areas with nonslip runners. For large areas, it may be best to use self-adhesive plastic to ensure the best coverage.

Responsible party: The moving company, though the homeowner should inspect the set-up before a single item is moved into place. (Once movers begin to unload, they usually dislike breaking their momentum.)

Task 7: Protect door frames with padding. The moving company may protest, but hold your ground. Think about the damage you could incur if a large piece of furniture dents a corner.

Responsible party: The moving company (with insistence from the homeowner)

Task 8: Place special items in the hands of a specialist. Pianos, grandfather's clocks and hot tubs are usually best entrusted to movers who have the special equipment to accommodate them.

Responsible party: The homeowner

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