Way’s to Save Money with an Eco-Friendly House

Posted by Polar Shades on May 3, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Is the hot water in your home burning through your wallet? Fortunately, switching to greener, eco-friendly habits is easy and efficient. For example, adjusting the temperature setting on your hot water heater a few degrees cooler can go a long way in reducing your electricity usage. Which is great for the environment and your bank account.bigstock-Green-Building-And-Alternative-138155021.jpg

Remember, saving money with an eco-friendly house is mostly about making small lifestyle and home material changes. Continue reading to learn more about the simple ways you can have a big impact on reducing your home's carbon footprint:

5 Ways to Save Money with Eco-Friendly House Habits & Improvements

  1. Look for the Energy Star label. When the time comes to replace your household appliances, be sure to choose a new product with an Energy Star label. This label is a type of certification given to products that use significantly less energy than their standard counterparts. For example, an Energy Star battery charger uses typically 35 percent less energy than a standard battery charger.
  2. Fix the drips.   Leaky faucets aren't just annoying on the ear. A slow faucet drip can waste an average of 7 to 10 gallons of water per day and over 3,600 gallons of water per year. While that may not add up to much in cold hard cash, that’s a wasteful travesty, particularly in a place like Las Vegas where water is considered a scarce resource. So if you have a leak, call the plumber or grab your DIY handbook and get down to repairing it as soon as you can. Additionally, consider upgrading to low-flow showerheads and high-efficiency toilets.
  3. Change your bulbs to CFLs.  While LED lights get a lot of press, in a warm climate like ours, Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) are the true winners. That's because CFL bulbs don't just last longer and use less energy, they emit an incredible 90% less heat. This reduces the overall cooling load in your home to compound on your energy savings.
  4. Invest in eco-friendly Polar Shades.  The sun is both your best friend and biggest enemy when it comes to keeping energy costs down. During the winter, open the shades and let the sun shine in and naturally heat your rooms. During the summer, Polar Shades' fabrics are ideal for filtering and diffusing sunlight to eliminate heat gain while still preserving your view outdoors.
  5. Consider adhering to other passive solar design techniques. In addition to shades, you can also implement several other passive solar design techniques to reduce how the amount of heat gain your home gets during the summer. This includes using the right type and amount of insulation and implementing smart ventilation techniques.

Again, implementing eco-friendly habits doesn't have to be a massive challenge. All it takes is a look at the right products and implementing thoughtful green habits. To learn more about how window shades can transform your home or for a free in-home consultation for Polar Shades, contact us at 702-260-6110. 

What type of shades are best for your home?

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What type of shades are best for your home?
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