Unexpected Benefits Electric Window Shades Can Bring Your Home

Posted by Polar Shades on Feb 17, 2017 8:00:00 AM

bigstock-Smart-Home-Device--Home-Contr-87635504.jpgSome funny things happened after your new, electric window shades were installed. Initially, they lived up to expectations by providing you with the convenience, security, energy savings and elegance you were promised.

What you didn't expect were five additional benefits they brought to your home – and your life. It's no laughing matter, but these “funny” things are beginning to add up:

  1. You're sleeping in on the weekends – finally. Now that you've set your electric window shades to open when you want them to, you're in greater control of your sleep schedule; you're no longer waking up when the sun pierces through the window and rouses you from a sound sleep. When you can't quite get seven hours of sleep on weeknights, weekends can be the only chance you have to recharge your internal batteries. And better sleep is your key to better health.
  2. You're finally going to do it; you're going to design a home theater. Your motorized window shades have convinced you since you are in control of the sunlight that enters your home, you can finally indulge an interest you've harbored for a long time. (So much the better if you have blackout shades, which are ideal for media rooms.) No matter its size, a home theater can add up to be a significant investment. It's one  hardly worth making if you cannot control the light that enters it. Motorized window shades make this promising home amenity a reality.
  3. You've stopped being held captive by weather reports – on the TV, on your laptop and especially on your phone. When your electric window shades are equipped with a sun sensor, it lowers the shades automatically. You don't have to rush home to do it yourself on an unexpectedly sunny day. Instead, you can go out and enjoy that sunny day. (And just wait until winter, when the presence of the sun will help heat your home and increase your energy savings.)
  4. Electric window shades are right in sync with the growing trend toward home automation. Sure, you may love the fact your home teems with “smart” features. But you've been hearing real estate agents view them as a way to get top dollar when a home is for sale. You may not be in the market now, but it's heartening to know your investment will pay untold dividends in the future, too.
  5. You're having fun showing off your electric window shades to others – and seeing them follow your lead and installing them in their homes. Being a trendsetter isn't easy, but you're up to the task.

Install electric window shades in your home

The unexpected benefits you'll derive from electric window shades might differ, but you'll never know until you install them in your home. Call Polar Shades at 702-260-6110 for a free in-home consultation and see why we’re an industry leader in window shade automation.

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