Planning an En-Suite Bathroom? Keep These Factors in Mind

Posted by Polar Shades on Mar 14, 2018 10:30:00 AM

If your home wasn't built with a master bathroom connected to your bedroom, it may still be possible to create one in your existing space. Below, we're sharing tips to plan your en-suite bathroom design and have the space you've dreamed of.

Decide Where You'll Put the BathroomPlanning an En-Suite Bathroom? Keep These Factors in Mind

To add a bathroom where one doesn't yet exist, you'll need to figure out where it will go. Take a look at your bedroom's existing floor plan to decide if you have the space required to add the room. You'll most likely want to borrow space from the bedroom itself or an adjacent room. Be sure your layout will still make sense when those rooms become smaller.

Use Existing Water Hookups When Possible

If you already have a laundry area or wet room near the bedroom, use them. Sharing a wall with those areas will allow your builder to connect to existing pipes which will save you both time and money when construction begins.

Choose Between a Bathtub and Shower

Are you envisioning long, relaxing baths in your new en suite bathroom? Make sure you have the room for a tub first. A standard sized bathtub will require a wall at least five feet in length, and a more spacious tub will obviously require additional floor space. A shower, on the other hand, can be placed in a smaller area.

Make the Room Feel Larger

While a beautiful bathroom can be created in a small space, you'll probably want the space to feel larger to give it the luxurious look. Use light colors and glass to create that open feeling. Adding mirrors will help light bounce throughout the room as well.

Utilize Windows

While windows and window treatments aren't the first thing many of us consider when planning a bathroom, they are an important part of any room design. Take advantage of any windows in your space. Skip the heavy window treatments and opt for shades instead. This will let you fill the room with light when getting ready in the morning, or create privacy at night when you want to enjoy a bubble bath.

Whether your room is large or small, a well-designed master bath can turn your house into your dream home. Adding style and light with window shades can help. For an in-home consultation, contact Polar Shades today.

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