Picking Furniture That Suits Your Style

Posted by Polar Shades on Apr 20, 2016 11:43:00 AM

Whether you’re refurnishing your home or getting settled in a new place, picking out furniture can seem like an impossibly big task. Your furniture can tell visitors a lot about your personality and contributes to the feel of your home. Cozy and country or sleek and elegant, picking out furniture that suits your style is a must for creating the right atmosphere in your home. Use these guidelines to buy the right furniture for your particular taste.

Feng Shui

While you may not subscribe to the Chinese thought that spatial arrangement of a room guides the flow of energy, there is something to be said for ensuring rooms are arranged in a way that makes sense and provides the most efficient use. Before buying anything, understanding how you want the room to function and flow is a must. Determine where you want the big pieces like couches, coffee tables, and side tables and how that will impact movement around the room.

Home Decor

Size and Shape

Once you know what you need in each room, it’s time to map out the size and shape of each piece. Are you looking for a sectional or couch? Dining room with seating for twenty, or a breakfast nook with seating for two? Once you know the basics of how you want each piece to work, you can get a better idea of the size and shape you’re looking for. With specific dimensions and shapes, it’s easier to focus on design elements and get the furniture you want and need.


Start with home decorating magazines to determine what your personal furniture preference and style is, if you don’t already know. Compile a list of furniture lines and pieces you like to give yourself a better idea of what will work in your new home. Check out this post for other ideas on determining your style.


While it’s important to buy pieces you enjoy, it’s also important to have pieces that provide utility and storage. If you have an expansive DVD collection or want to showcase your collection of novels, consider which pieces of furniture not only meet your style but also your functional needs.


The last, but arguably one of the most important pieces of picking furniture that suits your style is choosing the right lighting. Anyone who’s struggled to watch TV midday in a bright room knows lighting is pivotal to enjoying a room. For many, simply slapping up cheap blinds is good enough, but if you want to create ambiance in a room, investing in stylish blinds or shades can complement the look and increase enjoyment of the room. Learn more about the differences between shades and blinds and how they can accentuate the look of your home and your furniture with tasteful lighting.

Furnishing your space doesn’t have to be a headache. Use these tips to guide your shopping and remember to have fun with it. Happy decorating!

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