Organize Your Garbage Cans to Maximize Efficiency in Your Kitchen

Posted by Polar Shades on Jul 26, 2017 4:31:02 PM

Pull-Out Garbage CansIf you're like many, your kitchen is one of the most active spaces in your home. It's where you congregate for breakfast and host your family and others for dinner. Getting the most space, efficiency and style out of your kitchen takes some creative re-working. One key area many homeowners want to improve is the storage and accessing of their kitchen garbage and recycling cans.

Garbage and recycling bins are a necessary (and often inconvenient) part of every kitchen. One great way to incorporate these items, maximize your kitchen's efficiency, and improve the look and overall feel of the space is to install pullout waste and recycling cabinets.

Keeping Things Out of Sight but in Reach

Freestanding garbage cans often look messy and things get smelly fast, smells that permeate throughout your kitchen. Stuffing trash and recycling bins into a kitchen closet with your cans and dry foods is another common kitchen organization tactic. But, then those trash smells linger around your food items. Besides, this type of placement generally hampers productivity as the trash can is no longer near where you prepare food.

With pull-out storage, you can tuck medium-sized trash and recycling units inside your cabinetry and near the places you need them most. A waste pull-out system is essentially built as a very deep drawer that gets integrated with your cabinetry. It allows you to slide out your trash and recycling bins as you need them, and slide back in when you don't. Because they are contained in one unit of shelving, you don't have to worry about bad odors permeating over your food or cooking utensils. Plus, you can have the front facade of the pull-out blend seamlessly into your cabinet scheme so you barely know it's there.

Best of all, a discreet pull-out trash integrated into your kitchen cabinetry can improve the efficiency of the space. One of the trickiest, most annoying, and yet most common cooking and food preparing tasks is sweeping away the remnants of chopped foods, torn open packages, and spilt odds and ends. When you implement a waste pull-out system, sweeping up and disposing of these excess items is easier than ever as you can install the garbage and/or compost pull-outs right below your main chopping and food preparation area. When you need to throw something away, slide out the bins, and sweep your waste directly in.

Revamping and Reorganizing Your Kitchen

Don't stick with a kitchen layout you hate. Revamping the style and feel of your kitchen often can be successfully achieved with just a few key improvements like the installment of a waste pull-out system or new window shades that let the summer sun filter in. For a free in-home window shade consultation, contact Polar Shades at 702-260-6110. As the leading shade manufacturer in Las Vegas they will help add the finishing touch to your kitchen.

 What type of shades are best for your home?

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