How Outdoor Seating Areas Can Inspire you to get Outside

Posted by Polar Shades on Apr 21, 2017 8:00:00 AM

bigstock-Relaxing-Outdoor-Seating-Arran-148139849.jpgThere's nothing quite like Nevada's warm spring and early summer weather. Especially in the lingering hours post-dawn and just before dusk. But even the most beautiful weather won't entice people to stand around for longer than a few minutes. Rather, what is needed to entice people to come outside and stay outside is comfortable outdoor seating areas. An outdoor patio set underneath a shady veranda welcomes morning coffee drinkers and late afternoon conversations. A lounge overlooking a garden view or fire pit draws people out and entices them to spend more time outdoors. 

It isn't always easy crafting those perfect outdoor spaces. Consider the following tips to ensure your next outdoor seating area is ideal for drawing people out into the Nevada sunlight:

  • Imitate the appearance of your favorite vacation spot.  Consider what place makes you happiest or most at ease. Maybe you loved the look and feel of France's wine country, seaside aesthetics, or the Midwestern countryside. Whatever the case, use furnishings and ground covering (everything from crunchy gravel, bricks or even greenery) to simulate the appearance of your dream vacation spot. Only instead of once a year, you can enjoy it every day in your own backyard.
  • Treat outdoor seating areas as you would a living room.  Living rooms and indoor spaces are designed to be inviting. They often feature a mix of seating with comfortable furniture that draws people in with accents that delight and entertain. Use this same philosophy when it comes to designing and adjusting your outdoor seating areas. Incorporate cozy throw blankets and pillows for chilly mornings and make sure there's enough furniture to entertain your whole family and guests.
  • Create multiple areas and nooks.  You don't have to have just one area where everyone congregates. Rather, consider creating multiple nooks where different aspects of the outdoors can be enjoyed. A single lounge chair near a flower bed is ideal for enjoying the sunshine. The ideal reading nook works wonderfully underneath an ornamental tree or edge, as well as plush living room furniture for larger groups to gather and chat.
  • Invest in proper materials to protect your furnishings.  Finally, once you get that perfect outdoor seating area, you want to protect it from the elements. Furniture covers are great for protecting larger pieces individually from UV damage, while ZipRite Shades are the perfect amenity for segmenting and protecting a whole space from the elements. ZipRite Shades also are great at reducing the amount of sun glare and heat a protected area gets so you can enjoy your outdoor space even at high noon in July.


Get Patio Protection with ZipRite Shades from Polar Shades

Ready to enjoy your outdoors? For more information about the advantages of ZipRite shades, or to schedule a free in-home consultation, contact Polar Shades at 702-260-6110.

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What type of shades are best for your home?
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