Create an Energizing Work Space for Night Owls

Posted by Polar Shades on Sep 1, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Energizing Night Time Workspace.jpgYou may be a night owl out of necessity, toiling away in your home office because you must meet work deadlines. Or you may be a night owl out of choice, pounding the keyboard after midnight because you're busy with other activities by the light of day.

Still, just like every “day person” can benefit from creating a dynamic home office, every night owl can benefit from making tweaks that, can give your adrenalin an extra jolt until you can log off. Consider five energizing ideas:

Energize with paint

Some colors “dance” with the moonlight better than others. They include: smoky blue; light coral (lying between apricot and terracotta); chocolate brown; and eggplant (between dark purple and brownish-purple). Daredevils may be tempted to throw caution to the wind and choose black, but in small spaces, black can feel like it's closing in on you. If a twilight theme appeals to you, try painting only the ceiling black and add silver streaks for a starry effect.

Energize with large, comfortable seating

Only a true night owl would understand a relaxing position doesn't breed fatigue; it helps fight it. Changing positions between an upright office chair and a loveseat, chaise or overstuffed rocker is a luxury most office workers would envy because it breaks up the monotony and prevents back aches. A comfortable piece of furniture adds instant style and coziness to a home office, too.

Energize with a bright task light

Some night owls make the mistake of relying strictly on the glow of their computer screen. And while they may not feel physically tired by the time they log off, their eyes are often strained, itchy or burning. This is because pupils dilate in low light and contract in high light. Shine some light on your subject matter and counteract this effect with a task light perched close to your computer. Since traditional office lights can look staid and “industrial,” choose a decorative table lamp to complement your new piece of comfortable furniture.

Energize with mirrors

Hang mirrors on opposite walls in your home office to accentuate light and create a sense of movement that will add to the room's energy. Then install mirrors on the exposed back wall of open book cases. They will add depth and dimension to these small spaces. Mirrors with adhesive backs are ideal for this purpose.

Energize with duo shades

Night owls often prefer a view of the outdoors as they work or want to shut it out entirely. They usually eschew a middle-of-the-road approach. Duo shades are ideally suited for nighttime office spaces because they feature a sheer fabric on one side and a blackout fabric on the other. Once mounted, duo shades look like one unified shade and can even be operated by remote control, which you can set down right next to your rocker or love seat.

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