Confront Your True Feelings about Fall with 3 Design Tips

Posted by Polar Shades on Nov 10, 2017 9:36:06 AM

Most people either love fall (and consider it their favorite season of the year) or tend to mourn the end of summer, associating gloom with the shorter days and reduced sunlight. You can accentuate the former outlook and de-emphasize the latter with some clever interior design touches.

3 Tips to Change Your Outlook on Fall

Modern Autum Room.jpg

Tip No. 1 if you embrace fall: Curb your nighttime lighting with dimmers, eat by candlelight or, if you really enjoy the “moodier” aspect of fall, paint the dominant wall in your favorite room a dark color. Darker colors tend to make a room feel smaller, which contributes to that cozy feeling.

Tip No. 1 if you want to embrace fall: While nothing can compare to the energizing force of natural sunlight, you can combat the fall blues by making a concerted effort to brighten your home with artificial light. Without exceeding the recommended wattage, exchange your light bulbs for those with a higher wattage and try soft white, or white-tinted, bulbs. Until you adjust to the shorter days, leave lights on in surrounding rooms to infuse your home with greater energy in the evenings.

Tip No. 2 if you embrace fall: Create a comfortable nook you can call your own by staking out a corner, placing large pillows against the walls and putting a throw in the middle for good measure. When the temperatures fall to the point of discomfort, you'll have a place to hunker down with a good book.

Tip No. 2 if you want to embrace fall: There's a good reason Scandinavian style is appealing to so many people; it's minimalist lines create a light, uncluttered and uplifting mood in most rooms. Yes, the style is modern, but it's also highly adaptable. If “going Scandinavian” sounds like a leap for you, try adding a small end table or a book shelf. Its subtle charm has a way of growing on even the most indifferent observers.

Tip No. 3 if you embrace fall: Whoever said window treatments should hover directly over a window? Raising a window shade or installing a drapery track to just below the ceiling will create a heavier feeling (perfect for autumn lovers) that you can always temper by opening the shades or pulling the drapes back.

Tip No. 3 if you want to embrace fall: You can maximize your lighting with sheer, semi-sheer or semi-opaque window shades. The opacity level of a window shade fabric can completely transform the look and feel of a room. Polar Shades offers in-home consultations, so you can see how the fabric will look with the rest of your decor.

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