The Value of Adding Exterior Window Shades to Your Home

Posted by Polar Shades on Nov 29, 2021 4:00:00 PM

If you’re exploring ways not only to protect your home and its furnishings from the sun's rays but also to add value to your property and enhance its curb appeal, you’ll want to invest in exterior window shades for your home. Here’s why:

Exterior window shades improve your view.

Exterior Shades

When you install window shades on the outside of your home, you leave the view from your interior windows unimpeded. Your interior window frames, your window treatments, and the whole aesthetic design of each room’s space around your interior windows instantly become opened and unencumbered. Further, when fully retracted, outdoor shades also create an unobstructed view of the world outside your windows. If you’re looking to truly maximize the view from your home’s windows and you don’t want to deal with the marks and loss of space that installing brackets, rods, valances, and tie-backs often create, exterior shades are worth it.

Exterior window shades reduce your monthly electric bill.

Keeping your home cool when the temperatures rise outside often demands you set your thermostat low 24/7; the same holds true in the cooler, winter months when you find you are constantly running your heating unit throughout the chilly days and brisk nights With the addition of exterior shades to your home, you can lower the temperature of a room typically 20% in the summer months, reducing the need to run your air conditioning unit all day and all night. The shades are able to cut as much as 95% of the sun’s blaring and penetrating solar heat before it even reaches your windows. In the cooler season, exterior shades help to regulate room temperature by keeping the heat in each room and not losing it through the windows.

Outdoor shades add privacy and comfort.

Without compromising view, exterior shades are able to add privacy and comfort to your home. They muffle outside noise; provide both insect and dust control, and protect your family heirlooms and furnishings from fading due to the sun's often-unforgiving sunlight.

Exterior shades offer lots of options.

With many modern, high-end, high-quality materials and systems from which to choose, there’s a perfect exterior shade design for every home. A full line of automated and motorized control systems include such operating features as:

  • Remote control
  • Radio frequency
  • Solar-powered
  • Battery-powered
  • Wire-free

Polar Shades exterior window shades are designed and manufactured with quality and care.

The very best exterior shades are designed and manufactured in our 21,000 square foot facility. They are available in multiple fabric choices, have blackout options, are made with high-quality, durable construction and mechanics, can last up to a lifetime, and are able to block as much as 100% of UV rays. In addition, because they are made locally, installation is fast and easy and customer service is exceptional.

Ready to invest in exterior window shades for your home? Contact us today at 877-260-6110 or find a Polar Shades dealer near you. 


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