6 Creative Ways to Add Green to Your Deck

Posted by Polar Shades on Mar 10, 2017 8:00:00 AM

You know of people with large, lush yards with trees, shrubs and flowers that bloom and burst with color most of the year. Your deck looks barren by comparison. Little do you know the grass is actually greener on your side of the fence.bigstock-Petunia-Watering-22061159.jpg

You can enliven your deck with green – if you're willing to be a little creative. These six green ideas are quick and easy to maintain, which means you'll have more time to admire your greenery while your neighbors are busy weeding theirs. Consider:

  • Add green with tiers. Stack three or more clay pots or steel tubs on top of each other, working your way down from small to large. Be sure to punch drain holes in the bottom of each container to improve drainage – and the drip factor. Tiered plants can fit nicely on a deck of any size.
  • Add green with a ladder. Don't toss out that old ladder; reinforce the steps and spray paint it before adorning it with plants or herbs. You can even use the bottom ledge to stack a watering can, mister and pruning tool.
  • Add green with a crate garden. Used individually or stacked side by side, crates can be lined with burlap before plants are placed inside. Secure the crates to a wall or leave them be to make a definitive style statement.
  • Add green with a hanging garden. Look up to find the best place to mount hanging plants. Take a tip from your tiered containers and consider connecting multiple containers together to form one long vertical display. A true space-saver, a hanging garden can be enhanced with decorative lights.
  • Add green with a pocket garden. If they look closely, your guests might swear they're looking at an over-the-door shoe organizer. But who will know for sure once the pockets are packed with dirt and hearty plants? You can even skip the dirt-packing step and shoehorn small pots right into the pockets. Mount this nifty garden to a wall or attach it to a room divider.
  • Add green with a herb garden. You know two things for certain: herbs grow best in small, compact rows and you don't want a bevy of containers cluttering your deck. So consider mounting a railing container. If your deck doesn't have rails, and you're feeling industrious, a section of old gutter material makes a fine substitute. The height and width makes it conducive to growing herbs, and if you spray paint the material with a bold color – think lime green or coral – no one will be the wiser.

As much as you're likely to enjoy all this green while you sit outdoors, you'll also want a good view from indoors, especially on rainy days. Window shades from Polar Shades can provide the ideal “frame” for any outdoor garden. Call one of our window experts at 702-260-6110 for a free in-home consultation and watch your neighbors turn green with envy over your creative brainstorms.

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