3 Must-Dos When Creating Your Home Theater

Posted by Polar Shades on Jul 15, 2016 8:00:00 AM

If you have a family of avid movie buffs, a home theater is a must. Nothing compares to watching the latest releases in the comfort of your own home. As you design your space, be sure to research all your options. From seating to audiovisual equipment – and even a home popcorn machine – your hard work will pay off in the enjoyment you receive from kicking back and enjoying the show.

If you want to create a fantastic movie theater experience in your own home, there are 3 must-do’s – find a television or monitor with the greatest clarity, install the best sound system your budget allows, and create that cinematic feeling of anticipation when the room goes dark. It’s movie magic!

1. Get the Perfect Picture

Shop for the right screen size to fit your room. It should be big enough so everyone in the room can see it, but small enough so the picture is sharp and clear from every seat. A popular formula experts recommend is to first know your screen size. For optimum viewing, sit back from the screen a distance of 2 or 3 times that same measurement. If your room is really large and you want a picture above 95 inches, think about going with a projector/screen combo.

As to what HDTV to buy? Technology is changing so rapidly, it’s hard to make an iron-clad recommendation, but get the best TV available in your price range at the time of purchase. The three main technologies are LCD, LED, and Plasma. As a rule, LEDs and LCDs are brighter, while Plasma displays provide great black levels and high contrast, which adds up to a richer looking image. Plasmas also have better viewing angles – helpful for rooms with bigger seating areas.

2. Brilliant Sound

There’s just no getting the theater experience you crave from TV’s built-in speakers. Whether it’s the play-by-play of your favorite team or the explosions in the latest blockbuster, you want an immersive system that makes you feel you’re a part of the action.

A 5.1 or 7.1 surround system (5 or 7 speakers plus a subwoofer) should do the job. You’ll also need a receiver that powers your speakers and allows you to switch between picture sources, such as a DirectTV receiver or Blu-ray player. If running wires inside the walls is not an option, consider wireless speakers or a sound bar that sits below your screen and simulates surround sound. Don’t skimp here – buy the best quality sound your budget allows.

3. Set the Mood With Duo-Shades

For a true at-home movie-going experience, the darker the room the better. Duo-Shades are the perfect solution. Created by combining a visual blackout shade with a solar screen shade, they provide total darkness for optimum viewing and can also allow ambient light into the room at other times.

When looking to diminish natural lighting from your home theater room look no further than the interior shades from Polar Shades. If you’d like to learn more, contact Polar Shades today at 702-260-6110 for a free estimate, and get interior shades installed in your home today.

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