3 Frequently Asked Questions About Window Shades

Posted by Polar Shades on Jan 27, 2016 3:00:00 PM
  1. How do you clean your shades?
    To maintain the longevity and overall aesthetic-appeal of your home’s window shades, you’ll need to clean them periodically so dust, pet hair, and other loose-flying microscopic elements in the air don’t build up. By routinely cleaning your shades each month, you’ll make the process much easier on yourself than if you wait until it’s clearly visible that they need to be cleaned. Simply use warm water and a soft sponge to wipe away dust and dirt. Always read the manufacturer's instructions first, especially if your shades are made of silk or other very delicate fabrics, since some shade fabrics should be cleaned professionally.
  2. What is fabric "openness"?
    Interior ShadesMost shade fabrics are designed to be transparent so filtered light can enter and illuminate the room. Fabric openness refers to just how open or large the gaps are within the woven fibers of the shade’s fabric. The higher the percentage openness, the more light your shade’s fabric can allow in the room. If a shade has 3% openness, for example, the woven fibers are “not as open” and are thus tighter and closer together, letting less light in. A higher percentage openness fabric is much more transparent and lets in lots of light. When choosing the fabric for your shades, ask the openness percentage of your top picks. While you might love a fabric for how well it blends with your home office’s décor, you might not like it so much if you discover after it has been installed that it’s difficult to read your computer screen because it lets too much light in on a sunny day!
  3. Why are they so expensive?
    While the old adage, “You get what you pay for!” doesn’t always apply to everything, in this instance – it does. There are a lot of options when it comes to window shades. If you buy low-grade shades from a country overseas, you're often sacrificing quality for price, which will lead you to needing new shades much sooner than properly investing in the right choice upfront. Our shades are designed and manufactured in America; you’re doing business with a company you can easily call or visit in person. You can’t do that when you buy shades overseas. Also, truly high-end, high-quality shades involve user-friendly, yet complex, motor systems, and you’ll not want to waste any time or money on a less-than-exceptional product sold off a shelf. Being able to count on your shades’ motors working perfectly every time you program them or operate them manually is a big deal. If you’re out of town and you’ve set your shades to function with the light of day, you don’t want to worry about them not working properly and leaving your windows open to full view from any stranger passing by. Beautiful, superior shades are not something you invest in once a year; instead, when you choose the best from the get-go, you can plan to have them be a part of your home’s aesthetic and comfort for years.

If you're interested in learning more about purchasing window shades for your home or office, call us at 702-260-6110.

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