Planning Your Kitchen Remodel for 2017

New year, new resolutions -- why not new kitchen? Your home's kitchen is more than just the place where food gets stored. It's where food is prepped and cooked, and often times where we spend time with people we love. It's frequently the most used and trafficked area in the home. A kitchen renovation enhances not just your own lifestyle and enjoyment, but it also can have a massive positive impact on your property value.

As you start planning your upcoming 2017 kitchen renovation, keep the...

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Home Decorating Projects for the Holidays

Although Christmas can often take on more of a non-traditional feel in Las Vegas it can still be fun to dress up your home for the season. From making your desert home feel like a winter wonderland to embracing the Las Vegas scenery, we have some great ideas to help you get your home feeling festive.

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Prepare Your Home’s Exterior for Fall

Fall is in the air, and the summer heat has finally given way to cooler temperatures. That means overnight lows aren't too far away. 

It also means now is the perfect time to prepare your home's exterior to ensure its energy efficient, protecting you from pests and looking picture perfect well into the spring. 

Here are five ways to prepare your home's exterior for the colder Las Vegas nights:

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Protect Your Windows and Roof from Golf Ball Damage

Life on a golf course is a dream for any homeowner who loves the sight of meticulously maintained lawns but doesn't want the headache of being in charge of such maintenance. Homeowners get to enjoy picture-perfect views from every fairway-facing window in their house. They also get to enjoy side benefits of discounted access to the golf course itself as well as other club amenities.

However, with such benefits there comes also a few disadvantages; most notably errant golf balls dinging your...

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How to Prepare Your Kitchen for Thanksgiving

Anyone who has hosted Thanksgiving knows there is a great deal of preparation that goes into the holiday. The preparation isn’t limited to planning a menu, grocery shopping and cooking (for hours, even days, on end). In addition to getting food ready, it’s also important to get your kitchen ready for all of the festivities. If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, here are some tips on how to prepare your kitchen.

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Ways to Protect Your Home While Traveling Over the Holidays

The holidays are a time when many people travel to see friends and family, which creates opportunities for burglars. They know people are less likely to be home -- so they’re less likely to be caught. If you’ll be going away this holiday season, here are some ways to protect your house by making it appear like someone’s home while you're away.

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Tips for Cleaning the Tricky Parts of Your Home

In one public opinion poll after another, most people say they dislike cleaning because it’s boring. But there are some parts of the home that are anything but; in fact, by any definition, they’re downright tricky to clean.

You can avoid these places, as long as you realize they’re only going to get dirtier with time. Or you can learn how to tackle them once and for all. You might be surprised how simple the process can be when you know exactly what you’re doing. Consider:

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Prepare Your Home for Holiday Guests

During the holiday season, you and your home often host many more guests than usual. Some may even be close friends and relatives who are traveling to the area and spending several nights at your home.

So how do you make sure your home is prepared to welcome your holiday guests in style? The following steps will help make sure your guests are comfortable during their stay:

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How to Prepare Your Guest Bathroom for Holiday Visitors

Before your holiday visitors descend on you, spend some quality time cleaning and preparing your high-traffic rooms. At the same time, give your guests a holiday surprise by delighting them with some spa-inspired touches and other things you may forget about when preparing your guest bathroom.

First things first

Before you start cleaning, inspect:

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Ways to Design a Bar in Your Home

You've worked hard to make your home your own. After beautifying your bedrooms, creating the perfect kitchen, and taking on your living room, it's time to get to the fun part.

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